All products traded by NeoCare, including IBRAMED brand, have all certifications and necessary registrations. Check it out below:


IBRAMED enters the United States respecting all the marketing standards. The FDA – Food and Drug Administration is the governing body responsible for the control of food (both human and animal), dietary supplements, medicines (human and animal), cosmetics, medical devices, biological materials and products derived from human blood.



All IBRAMED equipments are registered at the national health surveillance agency. ANVISA was created by the law no. 9,782, January 26, 1999 and it is an autarchy under a special regime, that is, a regulatory agency characterized by administrative independence, stability of their leaders during the mandate period and financial autonomy. IBRAMED owns Functioning Authorization issued by the Ministry of Health under paragraph no. 103,603-1.



CE marking is a mandatory compliance sign for several commercialized products in the European market. It indicates that a product complies with European Union legislation on issues such as safety, hygiene and environmental protection and, in this way, accredited throughout the European market.