About Us

NeoCare H.P. is a company committed to quality of life and wellness of people. We know that the stability and success of the service providers are also the result of an accurate choice in equipment used in their treatments. To do this, we select and bring innovative equipment with the best value for money in the world.

Gratitude and loyalty of a rehabilitated and well treated client are transmitted to us through the satisfaction of our customers with the acquired equipment and support provided by us.

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Our brand

Our brand has meanings of the essence of our business. We are not born to be just another supplier of equipment for the medical field. We were born to build strong partnerships with our customers.

This is represented by the intersection of the elements in our visual brand as a handshake between provider and supplier, and as a hug between professional and patient. It symbolizes commitment, above all, with the health of people. This same intersection also represents the right choice, and, of course, the best buy.