Dermotonus Slim

Destined to professionals in the areas of rehabilitation medicine, trauma and orthopedics, dermato-functional and aesthetics, Dermotonus Slim allows vacuum techniques such as endermotherapy and endermologie. It is indicated for plastic surgery pre and post-operative; it combats localized fat and cellulite; it improves blood circulation and also helps improve lymphatic drainage, skin burn treatment, muscular tone and tension, among others.

With the diamond peeling pen Kit optional accessory, it is possible to perform diamond peeling (microdermabrasion), which activates the microcirculation, stimulates the collagen and elastin production, combats wrinkles, sequelae of acne, burnings, pre-treatment for laser, superficial scars and keloids, among others.

Dermotonus Slim vacuum is adjustable and it is indicated through the vacuum gauge from 0 to 550mmHg (negative pressure). The operation modes can be continuous or pulsed, with pulse repetition of 10 to 50 per minute and OFF pulse duration of 1 second. At the end of time a sound warning is emitted and the vacuum is interrupted. All the functions are programmable by touch keyboard and are indicated on the liquid crystal display.

The equipment should only be used under prescription and supervision of a licensed professional.