Neurodyn II

NEURODYN II is a device for electrical current application via electrodes in direct contact with the patient for neuromuscular dysfunction therapy with TENS, FES and Russian. It has four channels with independent intensity adjustments. It enables the choice of T (pulse duration) from 50 us to 500 us and of R (pulse repetition frequency) from 0.5 Hz to 250 Hz. The selection of these parameters (T and R) is made via touch keyboard with the information shown on the liquid crystal display. With 250 mA amplitude for all channels. Maximum intensity of 250mA in all channels.

FES current is indicated to prevent or to treat muscle disuse atrophy, increase of local blood circulation, muscle re-education, maintenance or increase in the range of motion and spastic muscle relaxation. TENS current is indicated for symptomatic relief and chronic pain treatment, increase of local blood circulation, symptomatic relief of post-traumatic acute pain and acute postoperative pain. The equipment should only be used under prescription and supervision of a licensed professional.

• TENS: conventional, acupuncture and short intense.
• TENS VIF: with automatic intensity and frequency variation.
• TENS B: BURST, modulated in pulse trains at 2Hz.
• FES S: syncronized. FES R: reciprocal.
• FES S VIF: syncronized with automatic variation of intensity and frequency.
• FES R VIF: reciprocal with automatic variation of intensity and frequency.
• Russian Current: Continuous, synchronized and reciprocal.